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Big Losses for Unions

The Unions have been pushed back onto their heels in the state and throughout the country.  First with the blow of Janus VS AFSCME from the Supreme Court, second with Cary Kennedy losing her race heavily supported by unions.


Janus ruling was a strong win against Pro-Unions giving them the right to support whoever they want. As there members and taxpayers become pawns in their political agenda.  


Unions have began to start donating a large sum to candidates running for a place in HD (house district) and SD (senate district) in the state of Colorado.


With teacher unions giving thousands of dollars to candidates all around the state. While Local Pipe Fitters #208 has been giving hundreds of dollars to candidates throughout the state of Colorado.


With these plans the unions hope they will be able to help keep and retake the House and Senate in the state this upcoming November. 


While only 64% of teachers in Colorado are unions members they still support the unions and its ideas. 

The unions use this as leverage to gain political power.


While manipulating teachers to think they have to use the unions to have their voice heard. While non-union groups have had their voice heard though government for years. 


It still has yet to be seen how the unions will effect the November elections.












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