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Colorado or "Communist" Education Association?


The teacher's unions here in Colorado are showing their true, communist colors.


In fact, just the other day the Colorado Education Association pulled this image off their Facebook page.



This not so subtle communist themed propaganda piece even features a CEA logo!


If the CEA is willing to post communist symbols to Facebook, just imagine what is being said and organized behind closed doors.


The Unions attempted to claim the teacher walkouts this year were for the children, but kids across Colorado missed multiple days of school.


Not to mention the lovely communist themed, raised fist "Red for Ed" stickers the CEA was handing out at rallies while students missed classes!



Public education in communist countries is notorious for brainwashing students with a state-controlled  curriculum that bemoans free-market capitalism.


Can you say "common core"?


Communist institutions teach that people in western capitalist countries suffer from crime and inequality in daily life and the only solution is socialism.


Also on display at the union rallies were signs promoting socialism and a table for the Socialist Workers Party!




The teacher's union also attempted to run the false narrative that Colorado was 46th in the country in average teacher salaries when Colorado actually ranks 31st!


So don't be fooled by the sweet talking unions who claim it is all about the kids and teachers when in fact their goal is to bolster their organization with tax dollars and gain more control of the state.









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