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Cynthia Coffman's Record Exposed

March 13, 2018

Advancing Colorado is running a digital outreach program to educate Colorado citizens on Cynthia Coffman's terrible record on immigration, life, guns, and the internet sales tax.


Colorado's Attorney General has repeatedly failed to defend the people of Colorado and her transgressions cannot be ignored!


Sources can found below by following the linked section titles.



Coffman failed to act against so-called "sanctuary city" practices from the very beginning and even alluded to supporting amnesty for illegal aliens in a comment her office provided to Colorado Politics.



Sanctuary practices in Colorado are hurting our citizens!





Coffman failed to investigate Planned Parenthood workers who admitted to trafficking in fetal tissue!



Her record demonstrates pro-choice actions while she claims the issue is "complicated."





Coffman DEFENDED Colorado's magazine ban in court.



Furthermore, she seems to support taking away the rights of our citizens to purchase guns between the ages of 18 and 20.


It is absolutely ridiculous if she believes that our soldiers should be allowed to carry weapons and die in other countries but not purchase them to use on their OWN properties home in the United States.



As Attorney General, Cynthia Coffman should be a staunch defender of Coloradan's Second Amendment Rights!





Coffman wants to bleed the people of Colorado dry, advocating for a sales tax on online retailers.


Her justification? 


"We cannot allow homegrown, brick-and-mortar businesses to be put at a competitive disadvantage by an ancient tax ruling that was made decades before the first retail internet purchase was made retail sale," Coffman said in a news release. "States are losing billions of dollars in tax revenue, and it's unacceptable." (source)


Raising taxes will take money from these establishments in another way by stealing spending money from the people.




Attorney General Cynthia Coffman's Report Card:


Immigration: F


Life: F


Guns: F


Taxation: F



Cynthia Coffman has failed Colorado!



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