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Garfield County Sheriff Urges Colorado not to Blame Guns

February 20, 2018


In a Facebook video posted by the Garfield County Sheriff’s Office Monday, Sheriff Lou Vallario addressed the gun control debate in light of the recent school shooting in Parkland, Florida.


Vallario, who is frustrated with the immediate politicization of mass shootings, wants people to understand guns are not the culprit. He urges people to, “blame the person behind the crime, and not the gun.”


According to the Sheriff, the topics to address are social media, mental health, and the red flags that proceed these mass shootings.


He proposed adding security to our schools is a potential solution and questions why guns are carried in malls, banks, and even churches now for protection, but not in schools.


With second amendment rights at risk by gun control advocates, something must be done to protect students while still maintaining the rights of the people.


The solution is to increase security in schools and flesh out a better early warning system in our society.


Security can be increased by allowing concealed carry weapons to be brought into schools.


Without a method of defense, students and teachers are merely helpless victims waiting for the next tragedy to take their lives.




Original Video:

Just the Facts with Sheriff Vallario





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