I have been asked to resign my position

A longtime Republican, committed to cleaning up the corruption inside the Republican Party, I have become another target of the establishment of the Republican Party. After endorsing Libertarian candidate for U.S. Senate Lily Tang Williams due to Darryl Glenn’s hypocrisy of expecting Republicans to vote for him, while he stated that he would not support the Republican Presidential candidate, I have been sent the email below from the El Paso County Chair, Jeff Hays, threatening to kick me out as a Republican precinct leader. Darryl Glenn is also a precinct leader, so I will be interested to find out if he is also being asked to resign his position, since his non-support of Trump is an implied endorsement for a candidate who is not Republican.

I have my doubts that they will do anything to Glenn, since the rules for the elites in the Republican Party are not the same as the rules for the average citizen who chooses to participate in the political process.

It should be noted that when Tom Tancredo ran for Governor as an American Constitutional Party candidate in 2010, a huge number of Republican elected officials, executive committee members, and precinct leaders endorsed him against the Republican candidate, Dan Maes. To my knowledge, nobody was asked to give up their positions and my understanding was that the bylaws were the same in 2010 regarding this situation as they are now. To my recollection, Jeff Hays, the current El Paso County Chairman who is requesting my resignation, was a sitting precinct leader and Executive Committee Member who was openly a Tom Tancredo supporter. Selective prosecution seems to be the standard.

While Darryl Glenn has followed the path of the other establishment Republicans like John McCain and Paul Ryan and rejected the Republican Presidential candidate, Donald Trump, he is still being promoted by the El Paso County Republican Party and the other elites from around the state. Yet, when a low-level precinct leader, like me, takes a stand against the hypocrisy of the establishment, I am threatened. Like the special treatment given to Hillary Clinton when she broke the law, it appears that the requirements for the nobility are not the same as those for the serfs.

The Chairman of the El Paso County GOP should spend more time helping to make sure Colorado’s electoral college votes do not go to Hillary Clinton and not waste his time fighting one of Colorado’s most outspoken conservatives.

Kanda Calef

Endorsement and Precinct Leader Status


Jeff Hays

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Thu 10/13, 5:07 PM
Sandra Bankes (vicechair);
Mary Bradfield (secretary)


Although as a private citizen you may obviously express your opinion as you wish, as a precinct leader there are restrictions within our bylaws, Article VIII, paragraph G.4, that expressly forbid your endorsing non-Republican candidates in an election where there is a Republican candidate running.

Your Facebook post and included press release endorsing Lily Tang Williams for US Senate clearly stated that you were a precinct leader and a member of our executive committee, so it appears you have violated that section of our county bylaws.

I hope you will publicly reconsider your position; if not, I hope you will please submit a letter of resignation as precinct leader in lieu of going through the process of being removed described in the subsequent section of the bylaws.

Sincerely and respectfully,

Jeff Hays
Chairman, El Paso County Republican Central Committee