ColoradoCare proponents continue to mischaracterize $25 billion tax

ColoradoCare proponents continue to mischaracterize $25 billion tax

DENVER—Today the Durango Herald covered the $25 billion tax increase proposal to pay for universal health care in Colorado.

Bill Semple, a proponent of the tax increase from Boulder told the Durango Herald, that proponents “call it a premium tax, not just a tax.”

“They can call it whatever they want, but the reality is that this tax increase will rob Colorado families of their hard-earned money to finance government control over health care,” said Jonathan Lockwood, executive director of Advancing Colorado. “We have seen the way the health care exchange has worked out, and this will look even worse. A $25 billion tax increase could easily become the $50 billion tax increase thanks to the details of the proposal allowing the revenue to be exempted from the Taxpayer Bill of Rights.”

Recently, state Sen. Irene Aguilar, D-Denver, responded to Advancing Colorado’s educational outreach saying she, “would love to discuss the merits” and “will schedule a public forum,” on the $25 billion dollar tax hike proposed by Initiative 20.

Analysts have debated in the past about the ability to truly figure out cost projections. According to CBS-4, Aguilar’s universal health care plan was so unprecedented and sweeping that cost projections weren’t available.

ColoradoCare would be financed by taxes on Coloradans’ incomes, including a Health Care Premium Tax on payroll and non-payroll income collected by the Department of Revenue.

The proposal asks for the revenues from the initiative be exempt from TABOR, and board members, which would initially be appointed, would vote on a Health Care Premium Tax increase.

Lockwood added:

“Coloradans need to fight back against claims like the one ColoradoCare proponents are perpetuating. Government doesn’t belong in health care, and Coloradans cannot afford a tax that’s 25 times the size of Amendment 66, the largest tax increase ever proposed on a Colorado ballot.”