ColoradoCare annihilated, single-payer hoax shot down by Coloradans

ColoradoCare annihilated, single-payer hoax shot down by Coloradans

DENVER—Tonight 9 News calls Amendment 69, known as ColoradoCare, defeated. Rocky Mountain PBS also reported the proposal defeated. Following the results, Advancing Colorado Executive Director Jonathan Lockwood, celebrated the incoming results and reports, and released the following statement:

“ColoradoCare was annihilated at the ballot box because Coloradans were horrified and outraged with the idea of rationed, restricted care and totally unrestrained tax hikes. The ColoradoCare campaign was deceitful from the beginning, they lied that their proposal was not a tax hike and that you could opt-out, huge lies. Coloradans can finally sleep at night knowing Aguilar’s dangerous single-payer agenda burned in flames. This also sends a strong message to single-payer advocates that voters will not stand for phony health care plans, these hoaxes that are nothing more than shady, unlimited tax plans.”

The proposal sought to triple Coloradans’ income taxes to finance a single-payer bureaucracy. The new system would have restricted and rationed health care. Advancing Colorado was the first group in Colorado to fight the proposal with extensive media oureach, digital marketing, grassroots outreach and coalition building.

Advancing Colorado has been the loudest, most-covered opponent of the proposal and the group’s executive director has debated state senators including state Sen. Irene Aguilar, D-Denver, the chief architect of the proposal. The group hosted town halls with legislators and worked with dentists and physicians to help fight the proposal in their communities. Advancing Colorado also ran a formative campaign, the first campaign against the proposal, targeting women and independents called “ColoradoCare is a killer,” which pointed to politicians getting in between women and their doctors.

Through the battle against ColoradoCare more and more opponents lined up including Gov. John Hickenlooper, Colorado Sen. Michael Bennet and other leading Democrats like state Rep. Crisanta Duran of Denver. They joined leading Republicans like Treasurer Walker Stapleton in fighting the proposal. Stapleton was the chief spokesman for the bipartisan issue committee Coloradans for Coloradans which fought the proposal by bringing together business leaders and activists. Americans for Prosperity, a Koch network group, executed door knocks and phone calls on the proposal reaching out to voters through traditional means.

The proposal sparked also outrage with women’s rights advocates and pro-choice organizations like Planned Parenthood, NARAL Pro-Choice Colorado and ProgressNow Colorado. These groups feared the proposal would restrict women’s access to reproductive health care.