Will Bennet continue to hold opponents of Iran Nuclear Deal hostage?

Will Bennet continue to hold opponents of Iran Nuclear Deal hostage?

DENVER—Today, opponents of the president’s Iran Nuclear Deal in the Senate are expected to hold second vote on the nuclear deal.  On Thursday, 42 Senate Democrats, including Sen. Michael Bennet, D-Colo., blocked the vote on the disapproval resolution, using procedural tactics they long-decried. In order for members to have an up-or-down vote on the resolution 60 votes were needed.

“The Gang of 42 are helping the president hold the American people hostage, it’s like an Ayatollah screenplay,” said Jonathan Lockwood, executive director of Advancing Colorado, a non-partisan non-profit that recently launched a digital campaign to hold Bennet accountable for his support of the president’s Iran Nuclear Deal. “Playing politics with this agreement is flat out wrong and it is an act of aggression against all of the reasonable people in America, and their representatives, who are in fear right now over the lethal consequences of this deal.”

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., told reporters it would be “dumb” for lawmakers to switch their votes from blocking the disapproval resolution to allowing it, according to The Hill. Meaning, Reid believes the president’s allies on the Iran Nuclear Deal in the Senate should continue blocking the disapproval resolution vote in order to protect the president from exercising his veto power.

A recent CNN/ORC poll said 59 percent of Americans disapprove of the way President Obama is handling America’s relationship with Iran and 49 percent of those surveyed want Congress to reject the deal.

“The majority of Americans have spoken loudly and very clearly on this critical issue: kill the deal,” added Lockwood.

Thirty-seven percent said they think it is extremely likely Iran will violate the deal, while 23 percent think it’s very likely. Only 10 percent think it is unlikely Iran will violate the deal.

A majority of Republicans and Independents think it is likely Iran will break the deal and nearly half of Democrats agree.

“While the president and his puppets are holding the American people hostage, the Supreme Leader is threatening to annihilate countries and fomenting violence against the United States and our allies,” added Lockwood. “Sen. Michael Bennet is on the wrong side of history for siding with jihadists against global order and the people he represents.”

Meanwhile, the so-called Supreme Leader of Iran, Ali Khamenei, has been upping his aggression toward the United States, posting a propaganda video saying the United States will be humiliated in war with Iran. Supporters of the Iran Nuclear Deal have threatened military action should the Iranians break any part of the deal, which is expected by members of both parties.

“Members of Congress were not provided the full text of the deal including the side deals by the required and agreed-upon date. This is unacceptable and Americans across political lines agree that Congress should have the full text of this serious agreement with the leading state sponsor of global terrorism,” concluded Lockwood.

The Iran Nuclear Deal includes documents that were not submitted to Congress on July 19, 2015 to ensure that Congress had the required and bipartisan-backed 60 days to review the full agreement.