Unions at the wheel in driving education reform off the bridge

DENVER–National teacher unions have been exposed as a major funding source for the recall effort of pro-education reform school board members in Jefferson County according to campaign finance data filed due to a judge’s order. The unions are behind thousands of dollars accounting for all but .1 percent of the group JeffCo United’s funding.

According to KUSA-9 News, the National Education Association (NEA) gave $150,000 to Jeffco United. The Colorado Education Association (CEA) gave $113,500. The Jefferson County Education Association gave $20,000. The three groups are affiliated with each other.

Advancing Colorado Executive Director Jonathan Lockwood released the following statement:

“Education reform was driven off the bridge by union thugs in the driver’s seat who have hijacked the education conversation and hurt Colorado’s future. Parents want to see strong schools and our brightest students and teachers rewarded for superior performance. The upcoming legislative session will provide an opportunity for both sides of the aisle to come together to do what is right for our state.”