Statement on relocation of Syrian refugees to Colorado

Statement on relocation of Syrian refugees to Colorado
DENVER—Advancing Colorado Executive Director Jonathan Lockwood released the following statement after evidence that the Paris attackers may have come to Europe along with Syrian migrants:


“Coloradans have big hearts and care about their communities and believe we should do everything we can to help people, but are wary of opening the doors to potential terrorists. Our politicians have a duty to stand up for not only what is right, but what is safe and allowing potential terrorists into our neighborhoods is unwise and dangerous.


“Our governor, senators and representatives need to look at what is happening with the rise of terrorism and put the brakes on reckless policies that endanger us.


“Nothing could be more dangerous, and irresponsible than allowing an influx of jihadists into Colorado. Coloradans’ deep caring for those in need should not be exploited for politically-motivated relocation of migrants into our state.”