So-called “EPA” strikes again, thousands of gallons of wastewater spilled into Colorado creek

So-called “EPA” strikes again, thousands of gallons of wastewater spilled into Colorado creek

DENVER—An EPA crew working at the Standard Mine located along Elk Creek above Crested Butte has triggered a spill of wastewater into the creek, which flows into Crested Butte’s primary source of water, Coal Creek.

According to the Denver Post‘s coverage, there are similarities between the recent spill and the Gold King blowout, where an EPA and contractor crew triggered a 3 million-gallon toxic dump into the Animas River turning it Easy Mac-orange.

Additionally, Colorado health and natural resources officials “could not provide details on the Standard Mine incident.”

The EPA has been following its pattern of poor communication in the aftermath of this spill that is reminiscent of the poor communication on wide display after the Gold King MIne spill.

Advancing Colorado Executive Director Jonathan Lockwood released the following statement:

“The so-called ‘Environmental Protection’ Agency is proving that it is not capable of carrying out its purpose of ‘protecting’ the environment. The EPA has the power to do this again, and again and again, its really scary to Coloradans who don’t want their water poisoned or natural resources harmed. We should not be funding such an incompetent and mismanaged organization that does seemingly nothing but kill jobs, hurt the economy, hurt the environment and hurt real families and communities.”