Sen. Michael Bennet’s government health care is killing us

Sen. Michael Bennet’s government health care is killing us

DENVER – Six health insurers proposed double-digit rate increases as high as 34 percent the Colorado Division of Insurance reported earlier this week. In these proposed rates are increases due to increased health care costs, something that Marguerite Salazar, commissioner of the DOI, says the DOI and insurers have “no control over.”

“What is Bennet going to do about this? Bennet shoved this horrible version of health care on all of us. Talk about sticker shock: the exchange is costing double the original price, and when rates go up the DOI shrugs their shoulders,” said Jonathan Lockwood, executive director of Advancing Colorado, a free market advocacy group. “Coloradans continually have been hit really hard. Government-controlled health care is killing us and we cannot keep suffering under this thuggish government’s lack of compassion. People need more options and choice and until we get that, Coloradans will continue to suffer.”

According to the DOI, 23 insurance companies submitted for review a total of 1,377 plans. Of these plans, 11 insurance companies submitted 425 plans to be sold through the Colorado Obamacare exchange. The DOI will complete the approval process in September, and will notify carriers and Connect for Health Colorado of approved plans to be sold for 2016.

The Colorado health care exchange, Connect for Health, recently more than doubled its fees and even levied a fee on plans not on the exchange. According to the Denver Post, the exchange “raised the fee on 2016 plans purchased through its marketplace from the current 1.4 percent of premiums to 3.5 percent, the same rate charged on the federal exchange.”

“Over half a million plans will be cancelled by the end of the year. Coloradans have been devastated by Obamacare and Coloradans should be outraged that Bennet has done virtually nothing to put an end to this pain and suffering,” added Lockwood.

Sen. Michael Bennet, D-Colo., cast a key vote for Obamacare, which ushered in new government mandates and more control over health care. The vote has resulted in health care cancellations and increased health care costs.