Sen. Michael Bennet acting like a fugitive, not a leader on Iran Nuclear Deal

Sen. Michael Bennet acting like a fugitive, not a leader on Iran Nuclear Deal

DENVER—The Senate is expected Thursday afternoon to vote on whether to end debate on a resolution aimed at derailing the deal reached in July with Iran and six global powers, with Democrats intent on “handing a major victory” to President Barack Obama.


“Coloradans are watching time tick away as members of Congress race against the clock to take action against our lawless president’s nuclear Iran project and they see Sen. Michael Bennet acting like a fugitive rather than a leader on this issue,” said Jonathan Lockwood, executive director of Advancing Colorado. “The Iran Nuclear Deal guarantees the largest state sponsor of terror access to lifting of sanctions, arms, cash, and ICBM capability, and constricts the United States’ ability to address their bad behavior.”

Forty-two Democrats support the Iran Nuclear Deal, but according to the New York Times, a few of them could “peel away and vote Thursday afternoon to end debate on the Republican resolution of disapproval,” arguing that the measure deserves a “final up-or-down vote.”

The president will veto the disapproval measure and has enough votes to sustain the veto in the Senate.

“The president continuously threatens to silence the American people, whether it is on holding the VA accountable for its dangerous harm toward our veterans or with the disapproval of his nuclear Iran project,” added Lockwood. “The president has whipped members of Congress into submission on this deal, and while it may have worked with Bennet, it will not work with the American people.”

Public opinion of the deal has dropped like a rock over the summer, according to the Pew Research Center. In early September, just 21 percent of adults polled by Pew approved of the agreement, down from 33 percent in mid-July.

“Support for the Iran Nuclear Deal has dropped like a rock and the more people find out about it, the more they hate it,” added Lockwood. “Bennet and Obama are on the wrong side of history, and they are on the wrong side of the public on this critical issue.”

The Iran Nuclear Deal, reached with the U.S. and five other world powers, is set to take effect on Sept. 17 unless both chambers of Congress pass the disapproval resolution.

Wednesday, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s underscored his perpetual distrust of the United States and hostility toward Israel as the U.S. Congress prepares to vote on President Obama’s nuclear so-called “deal,” reached with Tehran in July.

“We approved talks with the United States about the nuclear issue specifically. We have not allowed talks with the U.S. in other fields and we will not negotiate with them,” Khamenei said, according to his official website.

According to the Associated Press, Khamenei said America remains the “Great Satan” and warned that general cooperation with Washington would allow it to “penetrate” the Islamic republic.

“Bennet is dead wrong for supporting this deal with terrorists who call us the ‘Great Satan’ and chant ‘Death to America.’ Coloradans are crying out to Bennet to drop his support for the Iran Nuclear Deal and vote ‘NO’ to empowering Iran,'” concluded Lockwood.