PRINT AD: “People going nuclear over Bennet’s Iran deal support, most probably the Ayatollah”

PRINT AD: “People going nuclear over Bennet’s Iran deal support, most probably the Ayatollah”
Advancing Colorado continues its educational campaign on Sen. Michael Bennet’s support for the Iran deal

DENVER—Advancing Colorado is running a full page-ad in this week’s publication of the Colorado Statesman, following the launch of a six-figure digital and television campaign, alerting Coloradans to Colorado Democratic Sen. Michael Bennet’s support for the president’s Iran Deal.

The overall education campaign follows Bennet repeatedly voting to block an up-or-down vote on the disapproval resolution. Prior to the legislative showdowns, Advancing Colorado launched a digital campaign criticizing Bennet’s support for the deal.

“Some people are going nuclear over Senator Bennet’s support of Obama’s deal with Iran,” the full page-ad declares. “Most probably the Ayatollah.“

The ad also features information on the national security implications of the deal:

  • Under the deal, Iran will still be allowed to weaponize on a nuclear level as they research and develop large quantities of uranium.
  • Iran is still allowed to pursue intercontinental ballistic missiles and other conventional delivery methods.
  • When the deal expires, Iran will be free to pursue nuclear arms.
  • Through the deal, Iran stands to receive hundreds of billions in relief that they will continue to use to fund terrorist organizations.

Advancing Colorado’s educational campaign on Bennet’s support for the deal has garnered international press from Israel to New Zealand and was featured in over 150 publications.

Advancing Colorado Executive Director Jonathan Lockwood released the following statement:

“Coloradans are going nuclear because they understand the grave consequences of Bennet’s support for our lawless president’s deal with Iran. Even just since the framework agreement was announced Iran has helped empower Assad’s brutal regime, shipped ammunition to rebels in Yemen, has aided jihadists with the tools they need, the list goes on and on.

“While Iran chants ‘Death to Israel,’ and ‘Death to America,’ Bennet slams his fist and chants about his support for a deal that enriches and empowers the Ayatollah with the arms, weapons, cash and ICBMs to pursue a genocidal agenda. Coloradans have no tolerance for Bennet behaving like a puppet and that’s why we have gained so much support for our campaign on this issue.”