Poll shows Coloradans hate the EPA’s Dirty Power Plan

Poll shows Coloradans hate the EPA’s Dirty Power Plan

DENVER—Coloradans oppose the Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Power Plan due to its negative impacts including increases in electricity bills, effects on minority communities and negligible effects on global temperatures or carbon emissions, according to a poll conducted by Magellan Strategies.

“The toxic-waste spilling EPA has no business driving environmental policy in our country and when people have the ugly truth about the Clean Power Plan it loses what little support it had,” said Jonathan Lockwood, executive director of Advancing Colorado, a free market advocacy group. “The Clean Power Plan is all cost, no gain and people hate it. We don’t want the government to break our backs so environmentalists can throw confetti, about a drop in world temperature rise that no one can detect, over the next one hundred years. The Clean Power Plan is a dirty trick and a hoax that will cost jobs and hurt energy affordability and hurt vulnerable communities.”

  • Coloradans are more likely to oppose the EPA’s controversial Clean Power Plan if the rule resulted in electricity bill hikes, 59 to 33 percent.
  • 52 percent said environmental regulations from the federal government in Washington D.C. hurt Colorado’s environment, while only 35 percent said they help.
  • 51 percent said cost for the pointless .018 degrees Celsius temperature reduction would make them more likely to oppose the finalized rule. 58 percent said that the Clean Power Plan’s non-existent impact on carbon emissions also make them more likely to oppose the finalized rule.
  • 63 percent said that a combination of raised electricity rates and a lack of discernible impact on carbon would make them oppose the finalized rule.
  •  53 to 37 percent favored the state joining at least 16 other states in the potential multi-state lawsuit against the EPA over the Clean Power Plan.
  • 59 percent said Colorado should wait to comply with the Clean Power Plan until all lawsuits against the plan are settled.
  • 55 percent said they would oppose the plan if it resulted in poverty rates in black and Hispanic communities by 23 and 26 percent. The full National Black Chamber of Commerce report, “Potential Impact of Proposed EPA Regulations on Low-Income Groups and Minorities,” can be viewed here.

The 730 autodial survey of registered voters in the state of Colorado. The interviews were conducted Aug. 9 to 10. This survey has a margin of error of+/- 3.63 percent at the 95 percent confidence interval.