Poll shows Americans don’t trust Iran, Iran proving why they shouldn’t

Poll shows Americans don’t trust Iran, Iran proving why they shouldn’t

DENVER—A new CNN/ORC poll finds 59 percent disapprove of the way Obama is handling the U.S. relationship with Iran, and a majority want Congress to reject the deal. Meanwhile, Iran continues to display menacing behavior that gives reason to Americans’ growing concerns and outrage.

Advancing Colorado Executive Director Jonathan Lockwood released the following statement:

“Sen. Michael Bennet and our lawless president are not to be trusted on this deal and their names will go down in history as siding with a madman over the people they represent. Iran is proving Americans correct and justified in their distrust and disapproval of the president and his nuclear deal with Iran.”

According to the poll, few believe Iran will truly abide by the Iran Nuclear Deal’s terms, and a growing number consider the country led by Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei a grave threat to the U.S..

The poll echoes a poll conducted Sept. 3-7 by Pew Research Center which showed only 21 percent of Americans approve of the Iran Nuclear Deal.

Days after Senate Democrats used procedural tactics they long-criticized to defeat a bipartisan effort to disapprove of the Iran deal, the Iranian regime boasted about discovering a large amount of uranium ore.

Iran intends to mine the uranium ore for material to grow its controversial, deadly nuclear program.