Octomom of nonprofits “CREED” seek blood, pushing 11 ballot initatives to destroy state economy

Octomom of nonprofits “CREED” seek blood, pushing 11 ballot initatives to destroy state economy

DENVER–As Colorado leads the nation in attracting new residents, radical environmentalists are flashing their weapons at the state’s economy threatening hundreds of thousands of pink slips for workers. The measures put the state’s schools in jeopardy, and communities and livelihoods at risk.

The Commonsense Policy Roundtable calculated the costs of radical environmentalists’ proposed ballot measures to Colorado’s communities.

According to the Colorado Springs Gazette, the roundtable included: “50 percent fewer drilling locations; 36,000 fewer jobs in the first five years; 49,000 fewer jobs on average over 25 years; $160 billion in GDP lost through 2040; $6.4 billion in GDP lost each year on average through 2040; $110 billion in personal income lost through 2040; $273 million in lost tax revenue in the first five years, and $439 million lost per year by 2040.”

Advancing Colorado Executive Director Jonathan Lockwood released the following statement:

“Coloradans care about the environment and the economy and we know that sound public policy can balance the two interests very well and that energy development can be done safely and responsibly. Yet, this basically fabricated group ‘CREED’ seeks the ultimate eradication of energy development and robust economic growth. Their out-of-state special interest agenda will victimize students and teachers, our families and our communities, who all reap the benefits of a healthy economy. Coloradans should be outraged that fake groups like CREED are hell-bent on imposing their will through their deceptive and confusing falsehoods and 11 ballot initiatives.”