Obama’s insidious Iran ‘Deal’ officially unstoppable in Congress

Obama’s insidious Iran Deal “officially unstoppable” in Congress

DENVER—President Barack Obama is rejoicing after about-to-retire Democratic Sen. Barbara Mikulski of Maryland announced her support for the Iran nuclear deal. Her support brings the White House the votes it needs to prevent opponents of the deal from disapproving the agreement.

Advancing Colorado Executive Director Jonathan Lockwood released the following statement:

“The fact is the president wants to silence the voices of the American people so that he can protect this death-dealing ‘deal’ with Iran and so that he can shield certain lawmakers from public scrutiny. Where is our senator on this issue? Why is Bennet silent on the sidelines? Bennet’s arrogance and detached attitude is exactly what people hate about politicians and our government. He owes us an answer.”

From CNN:

“The announcement means that at least 34 senators — the number required by the Constitution to sustain a veto — will back Obama’s expected veto of a Republican resolution to disapprove of the deal. Mikulski is retiring at the end of her term.

While majorities of both the GOP-controlled House and Senate are poised to vote against the agreement, supporters of the multinational accord that aims to curb Iran’s nuclear weapons program are also hoping to get the 41 votes needed to filibuster the bill and prevent it from even getting to a final vote in the Senate.”

While Iran unveiled a new surface-to-surface missile, Sen. Michael Bennet, D-Colo., came to the conclusion that, “there is not a better deal available.”

Bennet added that he has “spoken” with Obama about the deal. Meanwhile, opposition to the Iran Deal continues to grow and Bennet will not clearly declare a position.

According to the Associated Press, former Colorado Sen. Gary Hart is trying to give cover to Bennet to support the Iran deal.

From ABC:

“There are 10 remaining Senate Democrats who have not yet made their opinion public, including some who are facing difficult re-election races and others who have large anti-deal constituencies. 

But if White House officials can get seven of those 10 holdouts to support the deal, they will not only be able to prevent the resolution of disapproval from going into effect but also be able to sink it upon the first Senate vote, which is expected to happen shortly after Congress returns from its summer recess Sept. 8.”