NEW POLL: 56 percent of Coloradans oppose ColoradoCare

NEW POLL: 56 percent of Coloradans oppose ColoradoCare

DENVER—Colorado Mesa University and Rocky Mountain PBS partnered with Franklin & Marshall College in Pennsylvania to introduce the new CMU-RMPBS Poll through CMU’s newest research center. The poll revealed that 56 percent of Coloradans oppose ColoradoCare, or Amendment 69, the $25 billion single-payer income tax hike. Only 15 percent of Coloradans strongly support the proposal compared to 38 percent strongly opposing. Further indicating a lack of enthusiasm for the tax hike, 15 percent somewhat oppose the proposal compared to 18 percent somewhat opposing. But, 14 percent of Coloradans are still undecided on the issue.

Advancing Colorado Executive Director Jonathan Lockwood released the following statement:

“Despite the fact the ColoradoCare campaign has desperately and exasperatedly peddled lies and manufactured fear, and that state Sen. Irene Aguilar has preyed on vulnerable communities, Coloradans have discovered the truth. Coloradans oppose Amendment 69 because they know it will restrict choice and options in health care, cost us jobs and the economy, but most importantly Coloradans know there are better ways to reform our health care system that has suffered so much under government-control and gimmicks. Before Aguilar tried to force her ColoradoCare kool-aid down our throats, she praised RomneyCare, she praised Obamacare, and it wasn’t until she could cash in big time and up her name-ID to possibly run for higher office did she retract that praise. Coloradans don’t trust anything coming from the pro-Amendment 69 special interests.”

“No one understands the diversity of opinions across the state of Colorado more than Coloradans,” said CMU President Tim Foster in a press release. “No other university in Colorado is currently polling Coloradans. We saw the need and are fortunate that Rocky Mountain PBS is joining with us to meet that need.”

Franklin & Marshall College is a private, liberal arts school in Lancaster, Penn. Its Center for Opinion Research is now in its 25th year of conducting polls in Pennsylvania. Results of both Pennsylvania statewide surveys and national polling by Franklin & Marshall College have appeared in scores of newspapers and news magazines, scholarly publications, and television network and cable news.

Notably, in 2012, the New York Times identified the Franklin & Marshall College Poll as one of the most accurate polls in America during the 2012 elections.

“Colorado is a swing state and what Coloradans think matters even beyond the boundaries of our state,” said Doug Price, CEO of Rocky Mountain PBS said in a statement. “This poll will help us understand what Coloradans are thinking about the upcoming election.”