MUST WATCH: Shocking New Ad Targets Sen. Bennet Following His Votes to Block Iran Deal Disapproval Resolution

MUST WATCH: Shocking new ad targets Sen. Bennet’s Iran Deal support

Bennet Jeopardizing our Safety; Chose Global Chaos & Terror Over World Peace


DENVER—Today, Advancing Colorado launched a six-figure television and digital advertising campaign to alert Coloradans to Colorado Sen. Michael Bennet’s support for the president’s Iran Deal. The launch follows Bennet repeatedly voting to block an up-or-down vote on the disapproval resolution.

The video sequence begins with children counting down from ten in their native languages. The children countdown in English, Hebrew, German, Spanish, Arabic, Italian, Russian, Chinese and Swedish.  Then video of a mushroom cloud explosion cuts off the last child as she says, “one,” with intense sound effects and a lasting piercing noise, depicting a nuclear attack from the leading state sponsor of terror.

“A nuclear Iran is a threat to the entire world. Sen. Michael Bennet support’s Obama’s Iran Deal. Sen. Michael Bennet is jeopardizing our safety. Call Sen. Michael Bennet,” the ad declares, featuring Bennet’s DC office’s phone number. “Ask him, ‘Why?’”

Advancing Colorado Executive Director Jonathan Lockwood released the following statement:

“Bennet will go down in history as sacrificing Americans in the name of Obama, to give terrorists nuclear weapons, training, arms, cash and ICBMs. He chose global chaos and terror over world peace, America and Israel’s safety and security, and ignored the outcry from his outraged constituents who begged him to oppose the deal.

“Bennet is a dangerous puppet, and we will never forget he voted to hold the American people hostage and sided with terrorists and madmen to silence the innocent people he represents here in Colorado. The deadly consequences of this foolish deal will be on his hands.”



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