“Minimum” wage hike petition fraud scandal exposed by Denver7

“Minimum” wage hike petition fraud scandal exposed by Denver7

DENVER—Denver7 confirmed yesterday that Colorado voter signatures have been forged in the petition process that secured the $12 dictated wage hike on the November ballot. The signature collector who turned in the questionable ballot issue petitions is under investigation by the Colorado Attorney General’s Office denies any wrongdoing.

Advancing Colorado Executive Director Jonathan Lockwood released the following statement:

“Coloradans must question the petition process that led to forged signatures getting the 44 percent increase of the dictated wage hike on the ballot. Are ‘Colorado Families for a Fair Wage’ for a fair petition process or a forged one? And is the media that was relentless in covering a petition scandal earlier this year, going to be as diligent in covering this one? We need answers, we need an investigation, because this issue is a critical issue – one that will change the course of Colorado’s economy and well-being.”

“While the Secretary of State’s Office can’t investigate, Denver7 can,” said well-known Denver7 investigative reporter Marshall Zelinger. “We found the voter whose signature was counted as valid even though there was suspicion it was forged. The Secretary of State’s Office noted three pages of a petition seemed to include signatures written by the same person.”

“We’re so excited to have this much support,” Lizeth Chacon, co-chairwoman of Colorado Families for a Fair Wage told the Post upon delivery of their petition signatures. “It’s indicative of the need and the excitement that’s out there to get this on the ballot.”

Backers of the dicated wage hike needed 98,492 valid signatures. Based on a sampling of five percent of the more than 189,000 signatures turned in, Colorado Republican Secretary of State Wayne Williams determined 114,939 were projected to be valid. The secretary of state’s projection gave the group 16,000 signatures more than needed to qualify for the ballot.

In going door-to-door to verify other signatures, Denver7 discovered a business card for the Colorado Attorney General Cynthia Coffman’s Office investigator in one of the doors.

You can read the full Denver7 report calling into question the petition practices of the dictated wage hike campaign here.