***MEDIA ADVISORY*** 1st Annual Millennial Freedom Forum Sun. Mar. 6 12 to 6 PM in Denver

1st Annual Millennial Freedom Forum Sun. Mar. 6
12 to 6 PM in Denver

DENVER—On Mar. 6 the Millennial Freedom Forum will be holding its first annual event in Denver. The event seeks to provide a forum for discussion on economic and political issues facing Millennials. Present at the event, the brainchild of Jimmy Sengenberger, will be Advancing Colorado Executive Director Jonathan Lockwood, a leading Millennial voice in Colorado politics. 

“Millennials are innovative, conscious and intuitive, and we are looking for leaders who empower us, hear us and understand that we want to see a future that lifts up all Americans,” said Jonathan Lockwood, 27-year old executive director of non-partisan non-profit Advancing Colorado, and former director of Generation Opportunity, the first-ever, free-market group to advocate for and reach out to specifically Millennials in Colorado. “We are the first generation ever in America to be thrown into a worse future by the previous generation. Millennials are exploited economically, socially, professionally and politically, and this forum is bringing attention to the persecution and abuse of our generation in a positive way.” 

The Millennial Freedom Forum is a non-partisan, non-profit organization dedicated to educating Millennials about the tenets of freedom and opportunity and to advocating on behalf of common-sense policies for America’s future. The nonprofit works to promote and advance public policies intended to create jobs and economic opportunity for Millennials through expanded freedom and limited government.

“My generation is saddled with more debt, fewer opportunities, and less freedom than the generations which preceded us. There is a better way forward, one which will promote a vibrant economy and opportunity for all generations, including Millennials,” said Jimmy Sengenberger, 25-year old chairman of the Millennial Freedom Forum and News/Talk 710 KNUS radio talk show host. “We want to energize our generation, the future leaders of America, and give our fellow Millennials the tools to achieve great things across generations.”

WHAT:            1st Annual Millennial Freedom Forum
WHEN:            Sun. Mar. 6, 2016 at 12:30 to 6:30 PM MT
WHO:              Executive Director Jonathan Lockwood, Advancing Colorado
                          Chairman Jimmy Sengenberger, Millennial Freedom Forum 
                          Secretary Brandi Meek, Colorado Republican Party
                          Alvaro Day, Millennial activist 
                          Andy Peth, The Party of Choice

WHERE:         Cherry Creek Country Club
2405 S Yosemite St.
Denver, CO