IRAN DEAL DIGITAL CAMPAIGN: Sen. Michael Bennet on wrong side of history

DIGITAL CAMPAIGN: Sen. Michael Bennet on wrong side of history
Advancing Colorado launches Iran Nuclear Deal digital campaign

DENVER—Advancing Colorado launched an aggressive digital campaign “Standing Strong” with a digital buy targeting Coloradans to stand strong against the Iran Nuclear Deal. The digital buy will run on Facebook, search, and display targeting individuals across Colorado.

The buy will present the negative aspects of the Iran Nuclear Deal and ask Coloradans to sign a petition to express their outrage with Sen. Michael Bennet, D-Colo., for siding with Iran, President Obama, Harry Reid and special interests, instead of the voices of Coloradans he represents who are adamantly opposed to equipping Iran with nuclear weapons. Graphics will be shared today on Facebook so people can share them on their personal social media and circulate the petition in their personal networks.

Advancing Colorado Executive Director Jonathan Lockwood released the following statement:

“Sen. Michael Bennet is being played for a fool and looks like a political puppet, rather than a leader. This deadly deal has too many loopholes, doesn’t allow for anytime, anywhere inspections, it will ignite a nuclear arms race and does not crack down on Iran’s record of bad behavior. The ugly aftermath of this nightmare deal will be on Bennet’s hands. This digital campaign is just the start of our raising awareness on this issue and we are thankful for already nearly 2,000 people signing our petition to tell Bennet he is on the wrong side of history.”

The petition can be viewed at: