Iran days away from Iran deal signing bonus thanks to Bennet

Iran days away from Iran deal signing bonus thanks to Bennet

DENVER—Iran is within just days of receiving sanctions relief thanks to the Iran deal reached last year that received the support of Colorado Sen. Michael Bennet, opening the door to billions of dollars to pursue their terroristic agenda.

Iran has reportedly removed the core of its Arak heavy water nuclear reactor and filled it with cement in one of its final steps to secure its multi-billion dollar signing bonus according to the president’s deal with the leading state sponsor of terror, Iran.

Advancing Colorado Executive Director Jonathan Lockwood released the following statement:

“Iran has an avowed madman at the helm who has threatened to blow up Israel, blow up America and bring about world war. They have continued to burn flags, chant death to America and keep up with their march toward a nuclear weapon.

“This theocratic leading state sponsor of terror has continued to exhibit bad behavior and shows little to no signs of slowing down its agenda to pursuing nuclear weapons, cash, ICBMs and their agenda of wreaking havoc on global order and security.

“Coloradans’ safety has been jeopardized by Sen. Michael Bennet’s dangerous support for the Ayatollah and our lawless president’s pro-Iran policies and everything has gotten more lethal and more concerning since the series of votes taken on the disapproval resolution against the Iran deal, contrary to the promises of politicians like Bennet.”