Environmental Propaganda Agency plots with radical enviros to hurt poor

Environmental Propaganda Agency plots with radical enviros to hurt poor

DENVER—In an effort to combat concerns the Clean Power Plan is too stringent on energy producers, M.J. Bradley & Associates, a radical environmental consulting firm, today released a study declaring sound the Environmental Protection Agency’s controversial and legally questionable Clean Power Plan.

Advancing Colorado Executive Director Jonathan Lockwood blasted the revelation calling for a shut down of the EPA:

“The Chinese government is envious of the EPA for its success in distributing propaganda and perpetuating lies on top of lies. The latest revelation is more proof the EPA is working against the American people, using our hard-earned money to make our lives less comfortable and less affordable. The EPA is using its power as a weapon, striking fear in many people for the level of abuse that’s been allowed to be permitted. This lawless agency is guilty of bad behavior that is harming communities, hurting the poor and driving up energy costs and this must stop.”

The firm has secretly worked behind the scenes to help the EPA create an “echo chamber” to support the renegade government agency. The study concludes the regulations as “very achievable” and comes as a federal court weighs suspension of the regulation’s implementation.

According to the Washington Free Beacon, Horner’s Energy and Environment Legal Institute has filed briefs in the lawsuit seeking to block EPA’s power plant rule. According to the media outlet, Horner’s claims the EPA did not disclose the extent of involvement that radical environmental groups’ had in crafting the economically disastrous plan.

There are 27 states responsible for ensuring compliance with emission targets suing to block the infamous power plan.

Recently, fitting in this pattern of the EPA’s deception and manipulation, the Government Accountability Office (GOA) said the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) broke the law with its “social media” campaign promoting President Obama’s water rule, the Clean Water Rule is better-known as Water’s of the United States or “WOTUS” rule. The campaign, according to the GAO reached 1.8 million people.

The rule received criticism from farming, development, oil and other industries and in the wake of the GAO report the EPA is finding itself once again under scrutiny for violating the American people.

The GAO report focuses on the EPA’s covert propaganda and illegal grassroots lobbying to sway Congress and drum up public support for its new regulation. The full GAO report can be read here.