Connect for Health drops the lifeboats, will drop half of assistance sites

Connect for Health drops the lifeboats, will drop half of assistance sites

DENVER—Connect for Health, the Colorado Obamacare exchange, plans to cut the number of assistance sites across the state by roughly half this year according to the Colorado Springs Gazette.

“Sounds to me like the health exchange is dropping the lifeboats, and that they are finally realizing what everyone else has known,” said Jonathan Lockwood, executive director of Advancing Colorado, a free-market advocacy group. “They’ve sent out the flares, they’ve sent out the SOS signals, but there are still those that will continue to play the violins on the deck of this sinking ship.”

From the Gazette:

“In all, funding for assistance sites will drop from $8.15 million each of the past two years to $3 million this year.

On average, the exchange spent $5.9 million the past two years on assistance sites across the state. That funding dropped to $500,000 for the current fiscal year, which runs from July 1 through June 30, 2016.”

“Coloradans cannot tolerate the continued abuse of their money, the continued waste, and we have no reason to trust this exchange or the board of the exchange,” concluded Lockwood. “The proponents of Obamacare promised us first class health care and we’ve paid for first class tickets, but we’re basically stuck in steerage.”

The board of the problem-plagued exchange, voted to raise fees for all health insurance consumers to fund its expenses. According to the Denver Post, the exchange “raised the fee on 2016 plans purchased through its marketplace from the current 1.4 percent of premiums to 3.5 percent, the same rate charged on the federal exchange.”