ColoradoCare ramping up campaign, state Sen. Aguilar to still schedule promised forum

ColoradoCare ramping up campaign, state Sen. Aguilar to still schedule promised forum

DENVER—This weekend, the ColoradoCare YES campaign will be holding a public presentation and petition gatherer training session with former state Sen. Jeanne Nicholson, D-Black Hawk, and campaign spokesperson T.R. Reid. Meanwhile, state Sen. Irene Aguilar, D-Denver, has yet to schedule her public forum she promised in response to Advancing Colorado’s educational outreach on the $25 billion tax proposal.

“I hope they train their petition gatherers to not misrepresent the $25 billion tax like they were last month during their flash mobs,” said Jonathan Lockwood, executive director of Advancing Colorado, a free market advocacy group. “The ColoradoCare YES campaign needs to be upfront and honest about what this tax really is, how much it is going to cost Colorado families, and the most important fact that it will bypass the Taxpayer Bill of Rights.”

ColoradoCare would be financed by taxes on Coloradans’ incomes, including a Health Care Premium Tax on payroll and non-payroll income collected by the Department of Revenue.

The proposal asks for the revenues from the initiative be exempt from the Taxpayer Bill of Rights. Meaning, board members, which would initially be appointed, could vote on any future Health Care Premium Tax increases, bypassing the Taxpayer Bill of Rights.

“The ColoradoCare tax hike is 25 times the size of the largest tax hike ever proposed in Colorado, Amendment 66, which went down in flames in 2013. Coloradans don’t want to see the destroyed jobs, negative impacts on health care and families, and the costs to our communities that this proposal would bring,” Lockwood concluded. “I’m still looking forward to state Sen. Irene Aguilar publicly scheduling and making easily accessible her promised public forum on this critical issue so that Coloradans can ask her legitimate questions.”

Aguilar killed her own universal health care bill during the 2013 legislative session because it was so unpopular. That bill was estimated by the state to be a “$16 billion dollar tax increase,” which, while still large pales in comparison to the newer $25 billion price tag that’s been estimated this year.

ColoradoCareYES last month cancelled a press conference after Advancing Colorado began educating citizens on the initiative.