ColoradoCare campaign using failed Amendment 66 tactics claiming education benefits

ColoradoCare campaign using failed Amendment 66 tactics claiming education benefits

DENVER—The ColoradoCare campaign is now claiming classrooms would benefit from the $25 billion tax hike proposed by Amendment 69.

From the ColoradoCare campaign’s press release:

“The Ellicott D22 School District could afford to hire an estimated 15 more teachers if Colorado voters approve ColoradoCare, Amendment 69, this November1. The district would save nearly $617,442 annually in health care costs, or 61.8% with ColoradoCare ﹘ savings that could be invested in education.

Ellicott D22 School District ﹘ where the average teacher salary is $39,813.882﹘ could dramatically improve the student-teacher ratio and bring smaller class sizes to the district. Regardless of how the district chooses to invest the savings, school districts and their employees will come out ahead with ColoradoCare, which ensures comprehensive health care for every Coloradan with no deductibles.

Ultimately, students will benefit from the significant savings of Colorado’s precious education dollars.”

Advancing Colorado Chief & Spokesman Jonathan Lockwood released the following statement:

“ColoradoCare will say and do anything to convince voters to approve of this monstrous blank check to a new bureaucracy. Amendment 69 is trying to put on an Amendment 66 disguise to deceive voters. Amendment 66 failed by only receiving 35 percent of Coloradans’ votes because we saw that the campaign was using teachers and students as pawns for their political agenda, now ColoradoCare is trying to do the same. By the way, ColoradoCare is 25 times the size of the Amendment 66 tax hike.”

Lockwood was the communications director for the bipartisan group Coloradans for Real Education Reform, the official NO on Amendment 66 campaign. Amendment 66 failed in 2013 after 65 percent of voters rejected the $1 billion tax hike disguised as an education proposal.