Colorado Supreme Court to hear fracking ban appeal

DENVER- The Colorado Supreme Court today is hearing two appeals on the legality of Longmont’s ban and Fort Collins’ five-year moratorium on oil and gas development. According to energy development advocates and experts, the intent of the so-called fracking bans are trying to shut down the entire industry in Colorado. Oil and gas development is responsible for robust job and economic growth in Colorado and is one of the leading industries in the state.

Advancing Colorado Executive Director Jonathan Lockwood released the following statement:


“The attacks on the oil and gas industry are generally out of state anti-energy protesters with nothing but chants and no solutions. Anti-energy advocates have fearmongered and invented white noise to confuse Coloradans on the facts of oil and gas development. Coloradans know that oil and gas in Colorado has produced jobs and energy safely, responsibly and soundly. People from both sides of the aisle agree that we should evict fracking bans, not one of our most beneficial industries and if communities want to shun energy production then they shouldn’t reap its rewards.”