Coloradans will support the “Defund Iran” movement

Coloradans will support the “Defund Iran” movement

DENVER— A new movement, “Defund Iran,” seeks to amend state constitutions to prevent taxpayer dollars from being spent on Iran or other state sponsors of terror. Colorado critics announced an effort to block any investment of Colorado taxpayer dollars with corporations that do business with state sponsors of terrorism.

Advancing Colorado Executive Director Jonathan Lockwood issued the following statement:

“Coloradans do not want their taxpayer dollars being sent to a totalitarian regime that chants ‘Death to America.’ We as taxpayers do not deserve our hard-earned money being used to somehow finance global terrorism. That’s why we need the extra protection provided by explicitly banning the investment of our tax dollars in Iran or other state sponsors of terror. The Iran Nuclear Deal is a very bad deal so we need to do everything we can to protect us from Sen. Michael Bennet’s bad decision to side with the president and Iran.”

“The nuclear deal requires the Obama administration to lobby on behalf of the Iranian government,” said former Republican state House Minority Leader Mark Waller, according to KUSA-9 News.

From 9 News:

“He’s referring to language in the text of the deal’s preface (paragraph 25), aimed at discouraging state laws from interfering with the lifting of sanctions.

‘If a law at the state or local level in the United States is preventing the implementation of the sanctions,’ the agreement’s text states. ‘The United States will take appropriate steps, taking into account all available authorities, with a view to achieving such implementation.’

The agreement goes on to say ‘the United States will actively encourage officials at the state or local level to take into account the changes in the U.S. policy reflected in the lifting of sanctions.’”

From The Denver Post:

“Right now, Colorado does not have a law banning investments with Iran. But the state’s Public Employee Retirement Association currently monitors companies that do business with Iran and may decide to divest if it is deemed a risk, according to its policy. A PERA spokeswoman refused to comment Tuesday on the potential 2016 ballot measure.

In 2007, Gov. Bill Ritter signed a measure to prohibit that state from investing public pension funds in companies with ties to the Sudanese government amid the genocide in the Darfur region.”