CO governor “clueless” in interview on refugee vetting process

CO governor “clueless” in interview on refugee vetting process
Frusrated with Coloradans safety concerns, raises voice and laughs

DENVER—Backlash is mounting against the Obama Administration, led by a bipartisan coalition of governors standing up to the president’s refugee ‘plan.’ Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper indicated today during an interview on KOA that he had faith in the refugee vetting process but doesn’t know about it. Hickenlooper denied interview requests with other Colorado media.

During the interview Hickenlooper said that he doesn’t believe Colorado has any legal right to stop the relocation of refugees to Colorado. Hickenlooper said that safety should be the first concern. A clearly frustrated and angry Hickenlooper exasperatedly tried to change the subject and dodged questions, and he was seemingly irritated that Coloradans were upset over his rash decision. Hickenlooper raised his voice over questions on the legality of the relocation efforts. The governor also laughed during the interview when asked about the probability of terrorism taking place in Colorado.

Advancing Colorado Executive Director Jonathan Lockwood released the following statement:

“Coloradans are furious because our compassion is being exploited for political games, and our safety is being jeopardized. People have every reason to be livid with outrage right now and it seems like Hickenlooper is as frustrated with our concerns, as we are with his decision.

“We can’t forget that Hickenlooper boastfully rushed to swing open the doors to Colorado and the backlash was fierce, leading Coloradans to bombard his office, and others’, with their calls and social media activism.

“Hickenlooper has not been open with the media, and seemed clueless during his interview with KOA, exposing him as irresponsible in his rash decision to side with the Obama administration on this issue.”