CDOT seeks profit off potential car accidents with blizzard of fines

CDOT seeks profit off potential car accidents with blizzard of fines

DENVER—Today in the midst of a blizzard, the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) enacted what KDVR-Fox 31 calls an unprecedented law for all major interstates and highways. According to the Denver Post, the department sent out an alert just before 7 a.m., calling for all vehicles driving the interstates in the Denver metro area to follow the traction law.

According to Fox 31, all passenger vehicles, trucks and SUVs must have chains, snow tires or four-wheel drive while traveling on Interstates 25, 225, 76 and 270; C-470; U.S. 36; and Highway 83.

Normally, the strict traction mandates are for mountain highways. Today’s new mandate is the “first time it has been implemented in the metro area, but with heavy snow quickly piling up, CDOT implemented it.”

Fox 31 explained that drivers who are in an accident and do not have one of the three required “safeguards” could be fined.

Advancing Colorado Executive Director Jonathan Lockwood released the following statement:

“Government just can’t help itself can it? This new mandate issued in the midst of a blizzard wasn’t about keeping people safe, people were already on the road and don’t hang on every alert CDOT sends out. The flash traction mandate is about plowing victims of car accidents for more money to feed government. CDOT is the abominable snowman of government agencies in Colorado and this is a great example of government greed and bureaucratic opportunism.”