Bipartisan CO delegation supports refugee-screening bill despite veto threats

Bipartisan CO delegation supports refugee-screening bill despite veto threats
Colorado Rep. Jared Polis joins Republicans in vote to increase refugee screening

DENVER—Today, the House of Representatives voted 289-137, to increase screening processes for refugees trying to enter the United States. Despite aggressive threats from the president, dozens of members of his own party, including Colorado Rep. Jared Polis, voted alongside Republicans.

With almost unanimous support from Republicans and 47 Democrats voting in favor, the American Security Against Foreign Enemies Act passed. The bill would require the secretary of homeland security, the FBI director and the director of national intelligence to certify that a refugee was not a threat to national security.

According to recent polling, most Americans want to stop allowing in refugees amid fears of terrorist infiltrations after the Paris attacks, siding with those who want to freeze the Obama administration’s resettlement program. The questions and methodology can be viewed here.

Advancing Colorado Executive Director Jonathan Lockwood released the following statement:

“Coloradans are concerned for their safety and security, and it is a bipartisan issue on which people from all over the political spectrum clearly agree. We cannot allow our lawless president to aggressively bully the American people and force his dangerous agenda on our communities. Our compassion should not be exploited and our safety must not be jeopardized. Our lives must not be sacrificed for a political agenda that no one supports and this bill is one way of preventing that from happening.”