Bennet’s Iran Nuclear Project reaches Congress, Iran behaving badly

Bennet’s Iran Nuclear Project reaches Congress, Iran behaving badly

DENVER— As the Iran Nuclear Deal reaches Congress, Iran’s “Supreme Leader” said Wednesday that Tehran will not expand talks with the United States beyond the international negotiations over its nuclear program and “predicted that Israel would not exist in 25 years.”

And now, the White House is backing filibusters after previously decrying them “month after month, week after week, year after year.”

Advancing Colorado Executive Director Jonathan Lockwood issued the following statement:

“The president has whipped members of Congress into submission to support this flawed and deadly deal and will use backers of the deal as weapons to silence the American people on his dangerous Iran Nuclear Project. Just as members of Congress are going to be debating this deadly deal, Iran’s so-called Supreme Leader is calling America the ‘Great Satan.’ Sen. Michael Bennet is dead wrong on this deal and Iran’s nuclear bomb will have his name on it.”

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s statements Wednesday underscored his perpetual distrust of the United States and hostility toward Israel as the U.S. Congress prepares to vote on President Obama’s nuclear so-called “deal,” reached with Tehran in July.

“We approved talks with the United States about the nuclear issue specifically. We have not allowed talks with the U.S. in other fields and we will not negotiate with them,” Khamenei said, according to his official website.

According to the Associated Press, Khamenei said America remains the “Great Satan” and warned that general cooperation with Washington would allow it to “penetrate” the Islamic republic.

From The Washington Post:

“A new Pew Research Center poll shows: ‘As Congress prepares to vote on the Iran nuclear agreement, public support for the deal has declined. Currently, just 21% approve of the agreement on Iran’s nuclear program reached between the United States, Iran and other nations. Nearly half (49%) disapprove of the agreement, while three-in-ten (30%) offer no opinion.’

Less than a quarter of Americans approve but the president intends to either veto or put Senate Democrats up to filibustering a vote of disapproval that is entirely in line with that expressed public opinion.”