Bennet’s adored Iran unveils missile bunker after firing missiles, promises to speed up agenda

Bennet’s adored Iran unveils missile bunker after firing missiles, promises to speed up agenda

DENVER—Iran unveiled a new underground missile bunker and promised to speed up its ballistic missile program after firing off one of these weapons, an act considered illegal under international law.

Advancing Colorado issued the first-in-the-nation TV and digital ad campaign following a series of disapproval resolution votes on the Iran deal earlier this year. The six-figure campaign garnered press coverage in over 140 publications from Israel to New Zealand and was followed by similar ads from other groups. The nonpartisan nonprofit’s executive director Jonathan Lockwood released the following statement on the latest development with Iran’s nuclear aggression:

“The Iran deal is a perpetual act of aggression against global order and security, flies in the face of rational thought and endangers our lives. The constantly worsening situation with Iran’s nuclear program is like the Dante’s Inferno of national security, as the story unfolds the more hellish it gets. Bennet has advanced the lethal agenda of Islamic jihad that is getting innocent people killed, and he will have to answer for the crimes against humanity that may result from his defiant and questionable actions.”

Reports have come out indicating Iran has tested a new medium-range ballistic missile possibly breaching United Nations sanctions. U.S. officials say Tehran tested the nuclear-capable Ghadr-110 missile, which has a 1,200 mile-range.

This is the second time Iran has thumbed its nose at the world order by testing medium-range ballistic missiles. In November, Iran tested a beefed-up version of the Shahab 3, similar to the precision guided missile tested by Iran on Oct. 10.

Iran is currently banned from carrying out these types of missile tests until the full implementation of the controversial nuclear deal arranged by President Barack Obama.

The UN passed resolution 2231 following the “signing” of the nuclear deal earlier this year. Resolution 2231 directs Iran to “refrain from any work on ballistic missiles for 8 years.” Resolution 1929, the resolution passed in 2010, bans Iran from conducting ballistic missile tests like the two recent events.

According to Reuters, the United States, Britain, France and Germany called for the Security Council’s Iran sanctions committee to “take action over a missile test by Tehran” earlier that month that the nations agreed violated sanctions. No action has been taken by that committee.