Bennet won’t take position on ColoradoCare

Bennet won’t take position on ColoradoCare

DENVER – According to POLITICO today, Sen. Michael Bennet, D-Colo., brushed aside questioning of his position on ColoradoCare. ColoradoCare, Amendment 69, is a single-payer health care ballot initiative made possible by the passage of Obamacare.

The proposal will raise income taxes by $25 billion a year. If passed the single-payer plan will need to be approved by the federal government. ColoradoCare supporters are aiming for the single-payer system to begin in January 2019, meaning Coloradans will pay for years for a system from which they won’t benefit.

ColoradoCare’s campaign, that has been exposed for deceptive practices, said Bennet will need to take a position on it, and discussed with a reporter that the proposal would in return be an effort to turn out votes for the senator.

Advancing Colorado Executive Director Jonathan Lockwood released the following: 

“ColoradoCare was made possible by Obamacare, it is not something that was pulled out of thin air, innovated by state-based health care leaders. Rather, ColoradoCare is like taking a failed prescription, upping the dosage, charging more for it, and saying ‘good luck.’

“Coloradans have suffered greatly under the negative consequences of Obamacare and are now looking at the furthering of the Obama-Bennet agenda with single-payer health care on the ballot. This tax hike is 25 times the size of the largest tax hike ever previously introduced in Colorado and it will ration our health care, kill jobs and hurt families. Bennet should have something to say about it, since it is afterall a result of his vote for Obamacare.

“But we all know Bennet lied to Coloradans while pushing Obamacare, saying if we liked our plans we could keep them, and if we liked our doctors, we could keep our doctors. That whole lie was perpetuated by the supporters of the president’s health care scam and has skyrocketed health care costs, constrained access and affordability and robbed us of our freedoms and rights to a free market in health care. Now we are looking at an even worse possibility with ColoradoCare.”