Bennet failed Coloradans, Iran Nuclear Deal now being implemented

Bennet failed Coloradans, Iran Nuclear Deal now being implemented

DENVER—Senate Democrats on Thursday blocked legislation meant to kill the Iran nuclear deal for a third time. Because Congress was prevented from taking action to disapprove the Iran Nuclear Deal, the agreement will continue to be implemented on a step-by-step basis.

Advancing Colorado Executive Director Jonathan Lockwood released the following statement:

“Sen. Michael Bennet chose to make the Ayatollah a trillion-dollar killer and give this infamous CEO of Big Terror a $150 billion-dollar signing bonus. Coloradans are outraged and asking, ‘why did he do this?’ Bennet had multiple chances to stand with Coloradans and the American people crying out in fear over this deal, but instead chose to embrace the agenda of the Ayatollah and President Obama.”

The House of Representatives voted to reject the deal with bipartisan votes, while Senate Democrats blocked three times debate on a disapproval resolution.

Under the terms of the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act, Congress had until September 18 to reject President Obama’s promised sanctions relief for Iran agreed to under the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).

The Obama Administration moved to put the deal into effect, appointed an official to oversee its implementation and started the process of lifting punitive economic sanctions against Tehran.

Congress had 60 days to vote on the disapproval of the nuclear deal. U.S. officials named Oct. 18 as “adoption day” for the nuclear accord, when waivers will be issued to lift the laws and statutes containing sanctions that were promised to ease under the deal.

Many reject the Obama Administration’s claim that the 60-day window for their review closed. They say “Congress has not received all documents under the terms of the deal as required by law, so the review period never officially began.”