Bennet demands “carbon neutrality” for Colorado

DENVER—Last week, Sen. Michael Bennet, D-Colo., told the Grand Junction Sentinel editorial board that Colorado needs to “get to neutral” on carbon emissions and fund “tax incentives for clean energy.”

Advancing Colorado Executive Director Jonathan Lockwood decried Bennet’s call for carbon neutrality as “blowing a kiss to green energy special interests”:

“Sen. Michael Bennet is showcasing leadership-bankrupt politics that has become unacceptably mainstream. We can do so much better than this and have a true policy discussion if politicians like Bennet didn’t just throw their arms in the air. Bennet wants to deny affordable energy to Coloradans and needs to be called out for supporting a dangerous energy ‘policy’ only the greenest of special interest groups could love.”

The remarks come right after the Colorado Supreme Court sided with the oil and gas industry in ruling against municipalities seeking to ban oil and gas development. The oil and gas showdown is unfolding and is likely to spur a highly contentious ballot war on Colorado’s energy portfolio.

According to the Washington Times, environmentalists have “attempted for several years to place an anti-fracking measure on the statewide ballot, so far without success.” Currently, several signature-gathering efforts seeking to allow municipalities to halt oil and gas development are underway.

The interview also caused a social media flurry attacking the senator for saying he has no answers in regard to health care costs for Coloradans who are suffering with the “most expensive health care on the planet” from Obamacare. His lack of answers comes after voting for Obamacare and continuing his ardent support of the government takeover of health care. He has signaled he supports single-payer health care, but sent mixed messages when he did not endorse ColoradoCare.

Lockwood added:

“Bennet is on the wrong side of history on Obamacare and will go down in history as denying human potential and innovation to his constituents for the sake of a political agenda. Health care is a matter of life and death and we should be unleashing the world of technology and medicine instead of restricting it.”