As imperial EPA’s nightmare continues concerns, questions grow

As imperial EPA’s nightmare continues concerns, questions grow

DENVER—The nightmare caused by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is not over as the EPA continues to provide poor, slow communication in the aftermath of spilling three million gallons of toxic waste into the Animas River.

The EPA came under fire Tuesday for failing to turn over most of the documents requested by a House committee related to the infamous Animas River spill. The House Science, Space and Technology Committee requested documents and communication stemming from the toxic waste blowout in an Aug. 10 letter to the EPA. That missed deadline was Monday.

Advancing Colorado Executive Director Jonathan Lockwood released the following statement:

“Groups like the Sierra Club and WildEarth Guardians don’t seem to be concerned with the EPA’s destruction to the environment. It is outrageous and wrong that the EPA seemingly thinks it is above the standards everyone else is subjected to. That’s the definition of tyranny and hypocrisy. This imperial government agency needs to be knocked off its pedestal and punished for what it has done to the environment and innocent people.”

Reported by Newsweek, portions of the Internet frothed over with conspiracy theories that the EPA spill may not have been an accident. Now, that line of thinking has found official traction in the Utah legislature and received a nod from the state’s attorney general.

Now, San Juan and Silverton are now seeking federal funds due to pressure following the EPA’s toxic spill.

According to The Hill EPA spokeswoman Melissa Harrison said the agency has released some documents on its website and said:

“Since the Gold King Mine incident, EPA has been inundated with requests for documents related to the response. EPA has posted a large number of documents on our response website, many of which are responsive to the committee’s request. EPA is continuing to identify additional documents responsive to the request and will provide them to the committee as soon as they are available.”