Aloof EPA dangerously downplays dangers and puts health at risk

Aloof EPA dangerously downplays dangers, health is at risk

DENVER— Officials expressed concern Thursday over the long-term effects of contaminated river bottoms as the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that recently triggered the 3 million gallon-toxic spill into the Animas River, “downplayed the dangers.”

“The EPA has done a terrible job communicating throughout this entire scandal, and our health is at risk. The EPA needs to face extreme punishment for what they have done to all these people in all these states,” said Jonathan Lockwood, executive director of Advancing Colorado. “People are really in fear right now, they’re outraged because they are not getting the answers they need and deserve. We shouldn’t have to wait for Congress to get back in session to get answers.”

According to the Associated Press, in Colorado, contaminants exceeding drinking-water standards were found in seven private wells. The EPA did not disclose the details on what contaminants were found. Officials said yesterday, that they would, “continue to investigate the wells.”

Navajo Nation officials say the EPA delivered them dirty, brown water in oil tanks. After repeated attempts to speak with the EPA, Action 7 News received a written statement and little answers. The EPA says, “this was the only complaint the EPA got about the tanks.”

The inspector general for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is investigating the cause of the massive spill that unleashed 3 million gallons of contaminated wastewater into rivers that supply water for drinking, recreation and irrigation in Colorado, New Mexico, Utah and the Navajo Nation.

Lawmakers from both parties have criticized the EPA’s communications throughout the scandal as “slow and overly cautious.” Leaders in both the House and Senate oversight committees are planning hearings after Congress returns from its August recess.