Advancing Colorado statement on SCOTUScare, King v. Burwell

Advancing Colorado statement on SCOTUScare, King v. Burwell

DENVER—Today, Advancing Colorado Executive Director Jonathan Lockwood responded to the Supreme Court’s ruling in favor of government in King v. Burwell:

“Coloradans want to see the free market thrive. Repealing, and more importantly, replacing ‘SCOTUScare’ would provide more options, choice and freedom in health care. Creating more competition and options will result in higher quality, patient-centered and accessible care.

“The Supreme Court’s decision is an outrage and an endorsement of the failures and broken promises of Obamacare. Colorado is still impacted by the negative impacts of the health care law and just because we have a state exchange doesn’t mean that we don’t feel the pain caused by the law.  Like other states we have seen cancellations, people losing their doctors, increased costs, reduced work hours, and that’s not all. Our state exchange, while a positive alternative to the federal exchange, has basically served as a state-of-the-art magnifying glass to see how terrible government is at managing health care.

“We need to stand up for what’s right, have compassion for those in need and do what will result in better outcomes. We must work together to stop the perpetuation of dangerous dependency and put into place real health care reform.”