Universal-health-care advocates submit signatures for 2016 Colorado ballot measure

Universal-health-care advocates submit signatures for 2016 Colorado ballot measure

Ed Sealover

Denver Business Journal

October 23, 2015
Supporters of universal health care turned in signatures Friday for a proposed 2016 ballot initiative that would craft a nonprofit health-care plan that would replace existing public and private insurance policies in the state.


“ColoradoCare,” as the plan is called, is similar to a failed 2013 legislative effortfrom state Sen. Irene Aguilar, D-Denver. It would assess a fee on everyone who earns income in the state and would provide insurance plans that its authors say are more robust than anything on the private market, with supplemental coverage added to Medicare.


Supporters turned in 156,107 signatures. The Secretary of State’s office must determine that enough are valid to push it over the mark of 98,492 signatures needed to get it on next year’s statewide ballot.


“We tried to pass it in the Legislature. But with the money in politics these days, there’s no chance,” Aguilar said. “Fortunately, in Colorado, if the Legislature refuses to do what’s needed, the people can vote it into law through a ballot initiative.”

Advancing Colorado, a free-market advocacy group, immediately lambasted the plan as a tax hike that will make the state less attractive to both businesses and residents.


“ColoradoCare is a charade and their campaign has been deceptive on every level, preying on Millennials and the underserved communities, promising them relief that will deliver pain,” said Jonathan Lockwood, Advancing Colorado executive director.