Sen. Michael Bennet doesn’t support Colorado values

Lockwood: Sen. Michael Bennet doesn’t support Colorado values

Lockwood: Sen. Michael Bennet doesn’t support Colorado values

By Jonathan Lockwood

Sen. Michael Bennet, D-Colo., said he hates giving speeches on the Senate Floor much less to his constituents in Colorado. His statement angered Coloradans — rightfully — but who can blame him when his voting record stands in contrast with the will of his constituents. Bennet’s record indicates that he cares more about refugees, Gitmo detainees and the Ayatollah of Iran than he does about global security, veterans’ health care and our constitutional rights. His record is dangerous and Coloradans need to be armed with the facts on his failure to keep us safe.

Last year, Bennet sided with a minority of Democrats in the Senate to block a disapproval resolution of the Iran deal. They blocked the resolution three times, but not before Bennet refused to publicly state his position on the radically dangerous deal in spite of repeated inquiries from reporters on the national and state level. In response to his defiance, Advancing Colorado launched a six-figure TV and digital campaign featuring a video that showed a series of children counting down in native languages from around the world to a nuclear explosion. Public polling was on our side, with only 21 percent of Americans approving of the Iran deal according to a Pew Research Center poll and the campaign earned media from Israel to New Zealand.

But some local reporters and partisan Democrats howled with anger, and the Denver Post followed with editorials slamming critics of the Iran deal. Despite what the Bennet cheerleaders claimed, the Iran deal guarantees that Iran will have a nuclear weapon, and it gives them the arms, weapons and cash they need to pursue their agenda of terror. Iran, the largest state sponsor of terrorism, has accumulated a debt of $43.5 billion in unpaid damages through more than 80 Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act (FSIA) cases over the last 15 years, according to the Congressional Research Service. We also know that they have brazenly test-fired ballistic missiles. These missile tests — capable of reaching Israel, Iran’s favorite target — not only violated a U.N. resolution, but Iran branded the latest with Hebrew inscriptions that read, “Israel must be wiped off the Earth.” Bennet’s votes helped bring these tests to fruition and helped the Ayatollah manifest a new age of Iranian aggression that threatens global peace.

But his record of endangering our lives doesn’t stop there. Bennet supported transferring Gitmo terrorists to Colorado. Bennet voted against an amendment in November 2013 that would have prohibited moving any detainee to the United States for one year. In May 2009, after allegedly supporting Colorado security, he voted to kill an amendment that would have prohibited funding the transfer of detainees to a Supermax prison in Colorado. He also voted against similar amendments in 2012. Bennet subtly — but consistently — laid out the red carpet for Guantanamo Bay terrorists to come to Colorado.

Strike three comes when Bennet blocked increased screening for refugees coming to Colorado. While many people are conflicted on the refugee issue — it certainly is not easy to make a decision — most Americans agree that we must prioritize safety and make screening processes for anyone coming into the United States more comprehensive. Although Rep. Jared Polis, D-Boulder, voted with a bipartisan coalition in the House to pass the increase screening standards, Bennet voted to block the same bill. How could anyone vote against the increased screening process for refugees moving to our beautiful, safe cities when we are witnessing a breakdown in global security?

Not only is he blocking increased screening of refugees, but he has also stood by and watched the Department of Veterans Affairs fail to take care of our veterans. He refuses to support the VA Accountability Act while our veterans continue to suffer, and even when confronted with the fact that over 300,000 have veterans died while waiting for care. Coloradans are outraged because they feel like no one is listening to them, that no one is standing up for the issues they care about. They don’t want to see our veterans continue to suffer, they don’t want to see our neighborhoods invaded, and they don’t want to see the manifestation of terrorism at the hands of their senator.

You see, these aforementioned issues truly are non-partisan. Gov. John Hickenlooper sided with us on the transfer of Gitmo detainees. Polis sided with us on screening refugees. Leading Democrats in the Senate sided with us on the Iran deal. But Bennet? He sided with the Ayatollah, refugees and Gitmo terrorists. Something is very wrong here, and Coloradans have every right to be suspicious. Coloradans should ask Michael Bennet why he doesn’t support Colorado Values.