VIDEO: A multi-state red light-camera contractor bribery scandal may have ties to Colorado

A multi-state red light-camera contractor bribery scandal may have ties to Colorado

Russell Haythorn

ABC-7 News

Jul 7, 2015

DENVER – A multi-state red light-camera contractor scandal may have ties to Colorado

The former CEO for a company called Redflex Traffic Systems recently pleaded guilty to bribing officials in Ohio. She was also facing charges in Illinois.

That same company has installed cameras here in Colorado.

Redflex initially installed red light cameras in Denver in 2008.

Denver has since gone with a different company, but the fact that Redflex operated here at one time, brings into question whether officials in Colorado may have been bribed.

The former vice president of Redflex, who is also the whistle blower, has said Colorado officials were amongst those in several states who accepted bribes.

“Coloradans have every right to be concerned and suspicious of whether it’s happened here,” said Jonathan Lockwood, executive director of a public advocacy group called Advancing Colorado. “And when you have a whistle blower from one of the companies that manufactures the red light cameras, we should be demanding investigations.”

Lockwood’s group says red light-camera programs in our state are money-grabbing schemes.

The latest developments in the scandal comes on the heels of two red light-camera bills that passed the Colorado legislature this year.

One would have banned the cameras all-together, but Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper vetoed both bills.

“With huge support from both sides of the aisle, and then it landed on Hickenlooper’s desk and he vetoed it,” said Lockwood. “Both bills. And so, he really kept the program going and said when they’re perfectly timed – they make the roads safer. And there’s tons of evidence that says they’re not.”

Former CEO of Redflex, Karen Finley, pleaded guilty to bribing municipal officials to install her company’s cameras in Ohio.

A spokeswoman for Gov. Hickenlooper told 7NEWS late Monday night, the governor has made it very clear, the bills this past session went too far.

The governor has said in the past, “while not always popular,” it’s his belief red-light cameras, as well as photo-radar cameras, do make roads safer.

The federal probe into the bribery scandal will now likely extend into several other states, possibly including Colorado.