Why is $25B ColoradoCare tax hike bad for Colorado?

Proponents of a new $25 billion income tax hike, which would triple our taxes, are pushing to create a new branch of government to manage a health care system they call “ColoradoCare.” The tax increase would put 21 people in charge of health care with unlimited power to increase taxes Coloradans because the proposal calls for ColoradoCare to be exempt from the Taxpayer Bill of Rights.


As City of Troy was fooled by the Greeks by accepting what seemed to be a simple wooden horse, and suffered dire consequences because of it, the people of Colorado, too, will suffer great consequences in the form of higher taxes wrapped up in a shiny package of “free” healthcare insurance.

We at Advancing Colorado believe in choice. We believe that Colorado taxpayers have the God-given right to choose health care insurance that is best for them and their family. We welcome competition and free market mechanics to provide Coloradans the best health care possible.

Unfortunately, that is not what ColoradoCare is about. It allows for no competition for revenues. Instead Colorado taxpayers must pay for it off the top of their earnings, ensuring big salaries for bureaucrats and no quality assurance for its customers.

This program not only takes a large portion of taxpayer earnings, but it also violates the spirit of the Taxpayer Bill of Rights. Tax increases for this program will be subject only to the whims of the ColoradoCare Board of Directors.

Supporters of this program sell it as a replacement to the disastrous “Affordable Care Act.” They claim no more individual mandates, but in reality every taxpayer must pay and subsequently receive medical care insurance. An individual mandate by any other name is still an individual mandate.

Don’t misunderstand. We here at Advancing Colorado believe strongly that there must be an overhaul of the broken health care system. But we should not be looking to the government for this solution, when the government is the very problem in the first place. Our government has stifled economic growth and free market mechanisms by prohibiting true competition and imposing onerous regulations. There is a reason healthcare is not affordable and is has nothing to do with the market.

Replacing the Affordable Care Act in Colorado is a wonderful idea. But scrapping it only to institute another government program is not replacing the old system but rather putting it on steroids. We support a market system that gives individuals the freedom to choose what level of medical care that is best for their family, for their individual situation. Every individual should have access to a market that will weed out inefficient and ineffective companies and promote companies that give their customers the excellent insurance they are seeking.

Coloradans deserve accessible, high-quality health care with options and choice. ColoradoCare would implement the exact opposite and put at risk the lives of our families and hurt the communities we all care about.