The Problem with Government Is Not Poor Management

Trump may be all about “The Art of the Deal,” but if he is elected, the deals he makes will be every bit as wasteful and tyrannical as those of his predecessors (or worse). “The quality of being an entrepreneur is not inherent in the personality of the entrepreneur; it is inherent in the position which he occupies in the framework of market society,” Mises emphasized.

A President Trump may be able to make small changes here or there, “[b]ut the setting of the bureau’s activities is determined by rules and regulations which are beyond his reach.”

The problem of government won’t be solved by Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, or even Ron Paul. The President has a lot of power; his or her voice alone can kill a bill. The President can even stop the growth of government, but he or she cannot deal with the fundamental underlying problem of the government as a monopoly of force on the people.

Furthermore, a President’s hands are tied as Congress has handed its rule-making and regulatory authority to agencies. The EPA, OSHA, HHS, NLRB, and other three, four, and five letter acronym’d agencies make rules, issue fines, and control the government with nary a vote from the people.

No President is going to fix this problem.