Massive fee increases for exorbitant bureaucrat salaries

Many were upset this past spring when the Colorado legislature increased their pay and the pay of other government works. We understand both sides of the argument.

What we don’t understand is when Colorado’s health exchange board votes to give its chief strategy and sales officer a contract three times more than the state pays the Governor, its highest elected official.

Maybe if the health exchange wasn’t struggling to stay afloat, we’d be more understanding. Maybe if the health exchange hadn’t just hiked costs for customers as its budget expanded dramatically we’d understand this increase in pay.

Marcia Benshoof, recipient of this outrageous pay increase has received nearly $200,000 per year over the last three years. Sadly, these enormous pay increases are not abnormal for the exchange, with other contractors raking in over a million dollars of taxpayer earnings.

One of the board members said this large salary is “appropriate spending.” Is it really appropriate spending when the vast majority of Coloradans disapprove of the Colorado Health Exchange? Is it really appropriate spending when fees are being raised on the poorest of Coloradans to fund Benshoof’s exorbitant fees?

We don’t think so. Gangster Government is at it again, beating up the taxpayers and taking their money.