Peter Schiff: “Brexit Is Just What The Doctor Ordered”

[U.K. voters know] that their living standards have fallen, their cost of living has risen, and that their job prospects have deteriorated. They see a loss in confidence and economic stagnation when they are being assured the opposite.

British voters may not know what they will get with an independent Britain, but they knew that something was rotten, not just in Denmark, but all over the European Union. The same holds true in the United States. Until our leaders can paint more realistic pictures of where we are and where we are going, we should expect more “surprises” like the one we got yesterday.

Candidates with anti-establishment platforms have received a lot of support. Trump and Sanders are two, for example, even if they are not true anti-establishment candidates. Folks are tired of the political elite running their lives, telling them harmful policies are actually good. U.K. voters felt the same, and the results of the Brexit make sense knowing anti-establishment fever has jumped over the pond.