Many Foods Subsidized By the Government Are Unhealthy

“In the U.S. and many other places, an excess of subsidies in these areas ends up leading to a conversion into foods like refined grains and high calorie juices, soft drinks with corn sweeteners and high fat meats,” says Dr. Ed Gregg, chief of the CDC’s epidemiology and statistics branch in the diabetes division.

More than half of Americans’ calories came from subsidized foods, the study authors found.

Compared to people who ate the least amount of subsidized food, the people who ate the most had a 37% higher risk of being obese, a 41% greater risk of having belly fat, a 34% higher risk for having signs of elevated inflammation and a 14% higher risk of having abnormal cholesterol.

Categorize this under: Government causes obesity. It’s no surprise that companies have taken the incentives from government in the form of subsidies to create food that’s unhealthy for your body. Without these subsidies, unhealthy food would be much more expensive, incentivizing Americans to choose healthier food over the unhealthy.