$1.2B tax hike to pay for train from Ft. Collins to Denver

The Colorado Department of Transportation is suggesting a new $1.2 billion tax hike be proposed to pay for a commuter train from Ft. Collins to Denver.


Every day it seems a new tax increase is being proposed or floated in order to pay for a new government program.


A $1.2 billion tax on all Coloradans to pay for a light rail very few people would use is absurd and financially irresponsible. The Taxpayer Bill of Rights is looking better every day with these incessant assaults on Colorado families. Can we all imagine if we didn’t have any say in the matter?


The commuter train would serve about 2,000 workers commuting from Fort Collins to Denver each day, according to the North Front Range Metropolitan Planning Organization model. And according to CDOT, the the 44-mile trip is estimated to take 96 minutes. There would be 20 daily trips from Fort Collins to Denver. Cost estimates included $19 to $24 million per track and $25.3 million for 37 acres between Loveland and Berthoud.


It takes less than an hour to drive from Fort Collins to Denver, but this rail would make it take twice as long. You would have to pay for this through taxes, but also through the fare to ride the train. You’re paying double the cost and doubling the time it takes to get to your destination.